A boat full of people! A monk wears the tunic, a nun plays the lute and three other characters try to eat a sweet hanging on a rope, while a mad man drinks from a bowl and a  passenger is vomiting.

What’s happening to that boat?

Everything in this picture recalls the lightness, the beauty of the body, the awakening of nature, and the love of which Venus is the goddess.

Is Venus the fruit of love?

According to various histories of art, man would be a certain Michele Arnolfini, the fifteenth century Italian banker who lived in Bruges in Flanders.


Fra Angelico painted a dozen Annunciation, one of the main events of the New Testament. In this episode, the arcangelo Gabriele announces to Mary that she will give birth to the Son of God, Jesus.

Why do you have to rotate this picture?

"Unconsciously, perhaps, I painted the loneliness of a large city," said Hopper, but especially the strangeness and the play of colors in the cold artificial light that floods the room.

Hopper, Nighthawks, 1942

A crucial painting, not only for the Segantini career, but for Italian painting: is considered the first pointillist work, although the technique of separation of colors has not been scientifically applied.

Segantini, Ave Maria in transhipment II, 1886

Remarkable quality of execution, theatricality and naturalness meet, are embodied the ideals of Mazzini.

Hayez, The kiss, 1859